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Research Paper published on Monitoring Mining Activities in Forest Areas using Geospatial Technology

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Dr. Laxmi Goparaju and Mr. Firoz Ahmad of VENF and Dr. P. Rama Chandra Prasad of IIIT have authored a research paper titled 'Geospatial Technology Perspectives For Mining vis-a-vis Sustainable Forest Ecosystems' in Journal Present Environment and Sustainable Development. The open access article can be accessed on the journal's website here. An excerpt from the abstract and the full paper is also reproduced below:

Forests, the backbone of biogeochemical cycles and life supporting systems, are under severe pressure due to varied anthropogenic activities. Mining activities are one among the major reasons for forest destruction questioning the survivability and sustainability of flora and fauna existing in that area. Thus, monitoring and managing the impact of mining activities on natural resources at regular intervals is necessary to check the status of their depleted conditions, and to take up restoration and conservative measurements. Geospatial technology provides means to identify the impact of different mining operations on forest ecosystems and helps in proposing initiatives for safeguarding the forest environment. In this context, the present study highlights the problems related to mining in forest ecosystems and elucidates how geospatial technology can be employed at various stages of mining activities to achieve a sustainable forest ecosystem. The study collates information from various sources and highlights the role of geospatial technology in mining industries and reclamation process.


 We congratulate the authors.


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