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Research Paper published on Agroforestry suitability analysis based upon nutrient availability mapping

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Mr. Firoz Ahmad and Dr. Laxmi Goparaju of VENF and Dr. Abdul Qayum of Environment Department, Arunachal Pradesh have authored a research paper titled 'Agroforestry suitability analysis based upon nutrient availability mapping: a GIS based suitability mapping' in American Institute of Mathematical Sciences Agriculture and Food journal. The open access article can be accessed on the journal's website here. An excerpt from the abstract and the full paper is also reproduced below:

Agroforestry has drawn the attention of researchers due to its capacity to reduce the poverty and land degradation, improve food security and mitigate the climate change. However, the progress in promoting agroforestry is held back due to the lack of reliable data sets and appropriate tools to accurately map and to have an adequate decision making system for agroforestry modules. Agroforestry suitability being one special form of land suitability is very pertinent to study in the current times when there is tremendous pressure on the land as it is a limited commodity. The study aims for applying the geo-spatial tools towards visualizing various soil and environmental data to reveal  the  trends  and  interrelationships  and  to  achieve  a  nutrient  availability  and  agroforestry suitability map.


We congratulate the authors. 

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