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Title Published Date
Exclusive: Documents Show How Javadekar And Harsh Vardhan Diluted India's Green Law - Huffpost 03 July 2020
Habitat suitability of Asiatic elephant in the trans-boundary forest, NE India 02 July 2020
Quantification of the Land Potential for Scaling Agroforestry in South Asia 23 June 2020
Agroforestry: An effective multi-dimensional mechanism for achieving Sustainable Development Goals 12 May 2020
Comments & Objections on Draft EIA Notification 2020 27 April 2020
Geospatial understanding of climate parameters within watershed boundaries of India 09 March 2020
Quantification and Conservation Status of Forests Fragments of Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests—A Geospatial Analysis 23 January 2020
REPORT- Wildlife Inventory and Proposal for Sloth Bear Conservation Reserve in Marihan-Sukrit-Chunar Landscape of Mirzapur Forest Division, Uttar Pradesh 18 July 2019
Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation, Potential Evapotranspiration, Aridity, Future Precipitation Anomaly and Major Crops at District Level of India 06 June 2019
An Analysis of Forest Fire and Climatic Parameters’ Trend Using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study in the State of Chhattisgarh, India 21 May 2019
Multicriteria Evaluation of Transport Plan for High-Speed Rail: An Application to Beijing-Xiongan 15 May 2019
Tree cover percent investigation with respect to geographical area, vegetation types, agro ecological regions and in agriculture landscape of India: a geospatial approach 21 March 2019
Research Publication- Forest Fire Trend and Influence of Climate Variability in India: A Geospatial Analysis at National and Local Scale 18 March 2019
Research Publication- Analysis of forest fire and climate variability using Geospatial Technology for the State of Telangana, India 15 March 2019
Analyzing the risk related to climate change attributes and their impact, a step towards climate-smart village (CSV): a geospatial approach to bring geoponics sustainability in India 12 March 2019
Research Publication- Geo-spatial perspective of vegetation health evaluation and climate change scenario in India 15 February 2019
Research Publication- Analysis of forest health and socioeconomic dimension in climate change scenario and its future impacts: remote sensing and GIS approach 18 January 2019
Research Publication- Evaluation of long term forest fires in India with respect to state administrative boundary, forest category of LULC and future climate change scenario: A Geospatial Perspective 09 January 2019
Research Publication- An evaluation of vegetation health and the socioeconomic dimension of the vulnerability of Jharkhand state of India in climate change scenarios and their likely impact: a geospatial approach 18 December 2018
Research Publication- Assessment of remote sensing and GIS application in identification of land suitability for agroforestry: A case study of Samastipur, Bihar, India 08 December 2018

Inventory of Traditional/Medicinal Plants in Mirzapur