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The great Vindhyan ecosystem is long discussed among the scientific community for the rich biodiversity heritage it used to host. It was realized that despite all the importance it holds the region is greatly ignored and never got the importance it deserved. Several wildlife areas are already destructed due to lack of scientific attention, research, knowledge to the policy makers and awareness of general public. Many species have been extinct without even knowledge of their existence and many places of natural beauty were left undiscovered. The fossil rich zone of Sonbhadra and Mirzapur is one of the seriously affected region not only in terms of wildlife loss and habitat fragmentation but also human health is greatly compromised due to the vast natural resources being exploited by economic giants. Similar challenges are faced by entire Central Highland due to the rich mineral and coal reserves and the nature is always at a stake. It is predicted that in coming decade this region will face more pressure and it will be a great challenge to preserve whatever natural heritage is present at this time. 

Originally started as a campaign called ‘Vindhya Bachao’, soon it was realized that without giving it an organizational look it will be difficult to sustain the conservation work and there it was decided to register it as public charitable trust. With self-belief from all the experiences in past a not-for-profit trust was registered in January, 2012 and named as Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation.

Logo- Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation- Vindhya BachaoVindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation’s environment advocacy and activism work and the enormous popularity of its Vindhya Bachao campaign have profoundly changed the conservation perspective in the region. Its efforts have created a generation of environment-conscious citizens who understand as never before the way excessive exploitation of natural resources affect the forests, rivers, climate, food and public health. Today, VENHF has expanded its programs to focus on the youth sensitization, climate mitigation and reducing impact of industrial development on human, environment, forests, rivers and wildlife to promote a sustainable development.

Under VENHFs leadership, the public has put the demand for safe and healthy environment on the front burner of government policymakers and has forced them to respond. VENHF's vision, sincerity, expertise, and persistence have forged hard-won victories and shaped new attitudes on environment, forests, rivers and health. 

All our members are voluntarily associated with us. Vindhya Bachao or Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation never give salary or any incentive to its members. Finances are managed by members themselves with help of donations and individual support. Our major mission is

  • conservation, protection, restoration, creation, expansion and enhancement of the natural environment.
  • the provision of access and associated infrastructure to ensure the enjoyment and use of the natural environment by the community;
  • the carrying on of research about the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment;
  • promoting and encouraging knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment, and public participation and interest in sustainability action which, without limiting the foregoing;
  • the acquisition and restoration of environmentally sensitive lands.
  • establishment of a community of experts, policymakers and stakeholders for better understanding, advocacy and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

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Established in the year 2012, Vindhyan Ecology & Natural History Foundation is a research based voluntary organization working for protection of nature and nature dependent people in Mirzapur region of Uttar Pradesh.

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