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Research Publication- Transportation Planning through GIS and Multicriteria Analysis: Case Study of Beijing and XiongAn

Mr. Firoz Ahmad of VENHF  has co-authored a research paper titled Transportation Planning through GIS and Multicriteria Analysis: Case Study of Beijing and XiongAn with University of Scienceand Technology, Beijing; Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria; Beijing University of Technology; University of Michigan, USA and Public Works Department, Bikaner (India) in the international journal 'Journal of Advanced Transportation'. The article can be accessed on the journal's website here. We congratulate the authors. An excerpt from the abstract is reproduced below:

MUrban population growth and urbanization with its impact on urban planning require continuous research in order to address the challenges posed by transportation requirements. Identifying transportation capacity (road and railways) is an important task that can identify whether the network is capable of sustaining the present volume of traffic and whether it can handle the future intended traffic flow. A new city, XiongAn, will be built in the coming years in order to relieve the pressure of population on Beijing and disperse the economic growth, business activity, and opportunities across the country. The focus of this research is to generate a transportation model between Beijing and XiongAn, in order to increase connection and connectivity, reduce travel time, and increase transfer capacity between the two hubs (Beijing-XiongAn). The existing transportation network between two cities is analyzed and a network which can handle future demand has been proposed. The first stage has been the investigation of a variety of options using geographic information system (GIS). Planning and implementing a mass transit system requires choosing among options such as an existing intercity railway line, a new high-speed railway line, and/or motorway options. In the second phase of our analysis, we assess these options relative to multiple criteria, using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The options were evaluated using various criteria responsible for selection of alternative; it is found that travel time, cost of travel, safety, reliability, accessibility, and environment are key criteria for selecting the best alternative. The GIS and multicriteria analysis suggested that the best option is to build a new high speed railway line.


Vindhya Bachao Desk
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