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Mirzapur: A Mugger Crododile Brutally Dragged Out of Village (with Video)

Mirzapur: In a recent incident on 15th May, 2016 a Mugger Crocodile was found to be brutally dragged on ground till road after tying it's neck with rope. The exact location of incidence is not known. However, the media reported it to be a village called 'Dhauraha'. The villagers reportedly caught the reptile when they spotted it inside village and tied it up with rope, dragged it upto the road and thereafter hanged it on a tree. As per News 24, the Mugger Crocodile was rescued by Forest Department and released into Sirsi reservoir. A video footage of the incidence is released by Patrika on Youtube.

Mugger Crocodile is protected under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 as Schedule I which also means it shares same protrection status as that of tiger. Mugger Crocodile is found extantly in Mirzapur district. River Bakahar, a tributary of River Belan is known for supporting a rich population of Mugger.

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