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Title Published Date
Research Publication- A geospatial analysis of climate variability and its impact on forest fire: a case study in Orissa state of India 18 June 2018
Research Publication- Geospatial application for agroforestry suitability mapping based on FAO guideline: case study of Lohardaga, Jharkhand State of India 30 May 2018
Research Publication- Spatial Analysis of Wildlife Habitat around Madihan forests of Mirzapur district, Uttar Pradesh in India, using Geospatial Technology 24 May 2018
Research Publication- Agroforestry suitability mapping of India: geospatial approach based on FAO guidelines 12 May 2018
Research Publication- Himalayan forest fire characterization in relation to topography, socio-economy and meteorology parameters in Arunachal Pradesh, India 07 May 2018
Research Publication-Wild life habitat suitability and conservation hotspot mapping: Remote Sensing and GIS based decision support system 30 March 2018
Research Publication- 3D Mapping by Photogrammetry and LiDAR in Forest Studies 15 March 2018
Research Publication-Predicting Forest Cover and Density in Saranda Forests, Jharkhand Using Geospatial Technology and Markov Chain 18 February 2018
Research Publication- FAO guidelines and geospatial application for agroforestry suitability mapping: case study of Ranchi, Jharkhand state of India 18 February 2018
Research Publication-Submergence analysis of the proposed Ken Betwa Dam (Madhya Pradesh)using geospatial technology in Environmental Impact Assessments 14 February 2018
Research Publication- Role of Geospatial Technology in Crime Mapping: A Perspective View of India 07 January 2018
Research Publication-Forest fire trend analysis and effect of environmental parameters: A study in Jharkhand State of India using Geospatial Technology 17 December 2017
Research Publication-Conservation Prioritization and Planning Of Forest Land by Measuring Forest Disturbance Using Geospatial Technology 24 October 2017
Research Publication- Assessment of Threats to Forest Ecosystems Using Geospatial Technology 21 October 2017
Research Publication- Soil and water conservation prioritization using geospatial technology 09 October 2017
Research Publication-Geospatial Agroforestry Mapping to Enhance Livelihood and Reduce Poverty 16 August 2017
Research Publication-Geospatial Technology in Urban Forest suitability: Analysis for Ranchi, Jharkhand 26 July 2017
Research Publication-Wildlife habitat suitability analysis around Madihan forest, district Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh 19 July 2017
Research Publication- Long Term Deforestation Assessment in Jharkhand state, India: A grid based Geospatial Approach 17 July 2017
REPORT: Sloth Bears of Mirzapur- Assessment of Habitats, Man-Bear Conflict and Wildlife Corridors 07 July 2017

Inventory of Traditional/Medicinal Plants in Mirzapur