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Government Rules, Policy and Guidelines-Coal Based Thermal Power Plants

  1. Emission standards for coal based thermal power plants notified 07.12.2015-Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2015
  2. Effluent Standards for Thermal Power Plants, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) 
  3. Requirement of Stack Height Guideline, Thermal Power Plants-CPCB
  4. Fly Ash Notification amendment 25.01.2016
  5. Fly Ash Notification, 03.11.2009
  6. Categorization of Industries, Red Category for Thermal Power Plants, February, 2016
  7. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, 2006 amended till August 2015 by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC) 
  8. Environmental Guidelines for Thermal Power Plants, Ministry of Environment & Forests, 1987
  9. Model Terms of Reference (TOR) for EIA of a Coal Based Thermal Power Plant, MOEFCC
  10. Technical EIA Guidance Manual of Thermal Power Plants, 2010-IL&FS and Ministry of Environment
  11. Norms for Coal Consumption in Thermal Power Plants, Central Eletricity Authority, 15.01.2015
  12. Technical Standards for Construction of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines Regulation, 2010, Central Electricity Authority
  13. Recommendation on Operation Norms on Thermal Power Stations for Tarriff Period beginning April, 2009, Central Electricity Regulation Commission 
  14. Minimization of Water Requirement in Coal Based Thermal Power Stations, 2012 Central Eletricity Authority
  15. Land Requirement Guidelines for Thermal Power Plants, 2007, Central Electricity Authroity
  16. Guidelines for Development of Greenbelts, Central Pollution Control Board, 2000
  17. Normalization Document and Monitoring & Verification Document for Thermal Power Plants, Ministry of Power, March, 2015


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