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Biodiversity & Wildlife

Title Published Date
Mugger Crocodile Rescued by Village Pradhan in Khordih, Mirzapur 12 November 2015
Woman Attacked by Bear in Sarsahwa Mirzapur 03 November 2015
PCCF-Uttar Pradesh post is vacant, since the same day NGT issued Showcause Notice to him regarding Kanhar Dam 29 September 2015
Neglected And Unprotected | Sanctuary Asia 27 August 2015
ट्रक पलटा चालक समेत तीन घायल- जागरण 27 August 2015
Sloth Bear Habitat & Corridor (1st Survey) Map- Mirzapur 15 August 2015
Leopard Scare continues to haunt, another attack in Mirzapur 30 July 2015
गांव में घुसे तेंदुए ने युवक को किया घायल, ग्रामीणों में दहशत- दैनिक भास्कर 25 July 2015
Saving the Sloth Bears of Mirzapur's Madihaan Forests 15 July 2015
Press Release: Mirzapur Forest Division is an Important Wildlife Corridor between Kaimur WLS and Chandraprabha WLS-RTI 30 June 2015
[PR] Stopping Construction of (Kanhar) Dam will neither serve interest of ecology nor public purpose says NGT 07 May 2015
प्रेस विज्ञप्ति: मिर्ज़ापुर के जंगलों का खुलेआम अतिक्रमण, भालू समेत कई जीव अब विलुप्त होने के कगार पर 07 April 2015
पीएसी के जवान को सांप ने काटा- अमर उजाला 29 January 2015
Compensation Application for Cumulative Losses to Biodiversity of Ganga and Losses to Livelihoods filed in NGT 17 January 2015
Notices to State of UP and MOEFCC reg. continuing construction of Kanhar Dam despite Stay Order‏ 14 January 2015
लकड़बग्घा के हमले से अधेड़ घायल- जागरण 11 January 2015
Stop Illegal Construction of Kanhar Dam [Online Petition]‏ 04 January 2015
तेंदुआ के आतंक से ग्रामीण भयभीत- जागरण 31 December 2014
Appeal Sent to U.P. Government for Protection of Mirzapur Forests and Wildlife 09 December 2014
मिर्ज़ापुर तालाब में दिखे दो मगरमच्छ- योगिम्प सिंह न्यूज़ 02 November 2014

Inventory of Traditional/Medicinal Plants in Mirzapur